Raspberry Rosemary Mousse
Serves: about 7-8 glasses
  • For the raspberry rosemary mousse:
  • 400 g raspberry puree (to make, thaw frozen raspberries and bring to a boil with a dash of sugar. Pass through a sieve).
  • 100 g sugar
  • 2 teaspoons dried rosemary (you can use sprigs of fresh rosemary as well!)
  • 10 g gelatin
  • 40 g cold water
  • 60 g egg yolk (3)
  • 400 g cream
  • For the raspberry gelee:
  • 100 g raspberry puree
  • dash of sugar
  • splash of water
  • 4 g gelatin
  • 20 g cold water
  1. For the raspberry rosemary mousse: Bring the raspberry puree, sugar and dried rosemary to a boil over the stove.
  2. Bloom the gelatin in the cold water.
  3. Once the puree has boiled, remove from heat. If using fresh rosemary sprigs, let steep for a good 20 minutes and remove the sprigs. If not, skip this step and add the bloomed gelatin.
  4. While whisking, pour the hot puree over top the egg yolks (whisking is important, you do not want to "cook" the yolks!)
  5. Let cool.
  6. In the meantime whip the cream.
  7. When the raspberry puree mixture has cooled off completely, start by adding a spoonful of the whipped cream. Finally, fold in the rest of the whipped cream.
  8. With a piping bag, fill into desired glasses.
  9. Place in the refrigerator to set.
  10. For the raspberry gelee: Bring the puree, sugar and water to boil over the stove.
  11. Bloom the gelatin in the water.
  12. Once boiled, add the gelatin to the puree and stir.
  13. Spoon on top of the set raspberry mousse.
  14. Place back in the refrigerator to set again.
Recipe by Baking My Way Through Germany at http://www.bakingmywaythroughgermany.com/2015/02/raspberry-rosemary-mousse-with-granola-crunch/