Black and White Chocolate Cigarettes
This is a written tutorial alongside the video for making black and white chocolate cigarettes:
  • White chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Extra equipment:
  • A flat, clean baking sheet
  • A normal cake icing palette
  • A spatula, preferably metal, with a straight edge
  • A spatula with teeth, typically smaller size creates better results
  1. First, I stress using real chocolate for making decorations!
  2. Start by melting both the white and dark chocolate over water baths on the stove.
  3. Set up your station with all equipment listed above.
  4. Lay the baking sheet upside down.
  5. Once both chocolates are melted, pour a stripe of white chocolate out onto the baking sheet.
  6. With the palette, spread the chocolate very thinly, as seen in the video.
  7. Once you feel it beginning to harden, stop and scrape with the spatula with the teeth cut out.
  8. Clean up, by scraping the edges as well as the top and bottom of the stripes.
  9. Pour the melted dark chocolate on top of the white. Be careful not to do this too soon, as well not too late.
  10. Spread the dark chocolate with the palette, thinly until you feel the chocolate beginning to harden.
  11. Clean up the edges as well as the top and bottom.
  12. Now, here the difficult part: Timing.
  13. Let the chocolate sit for a second to slightly harden. You can always try testing a piece, too see if it has hardened enough, but is still soft enough to roll up.
  14. With the straight edge spatula, beginning from the top. Create the cigarettes by firmly and quickly pushing the chocolate away from you.
  15. You did it! Let harden and store in a cool, dry place.
Recipe by Baking My Way Through Germany at